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“I never thought my meals were that unhealthy, but I knew I could use some help with portion control, and I wasn’t completely happy with how I looked, especially my belly.

The first month was a HUGE eye opener for me in how I was over eating and not moving near enough. Fast forward 3 months and I was continuing to be motivated to stay on track. My eating habits are much better, and even though I do have some days that aren’t on par, I’m able to not over -indulge. I’m much more accountable for what I am fueling my body with and now I crave movement and being more active! 

I am SOOOOO thankful to for this experience and am pumped to keep pushing myself towards a healthier lifestyle! Thank you Leanne! “


This athlete originally  came  to TEAM IRON elles with the goal to be “healthy and fit”. Her program was custom designed for her to train at home while doing the occasional 1-on-1 session with Coach Leanne at Wrench Fitness!

Not only was she successful in losing 28lb but she has maintained that loss for a significant amount of time.

We continue to focus our efforts on increasing her strength and endurance! Please join me in celebrating this success story!

-Coach Leanne


What kind of progress can you make in 5 months?

Making a sustainable lifestyle change, that’s what!  This IRON elle's consistency and dedication to her customized training program along with regular 1:1 sessions with Leanne has equaled fantastic results. 

Be sure to watch our Facebook page for more updates on this athletes progress.

“So happy with my progress so far I don’t recognize myself in the pictures!! The scale might not be my friend every week but the pictures show the difference.”


This IRON elle trained at home for 12 weeks following a nutrition and training  plan from TEAM IRON elles to achieve her fitness goal of losing inches and gaining muscle!  Don't let distance stop you from reaching out today to get started on your customized training and nutrition program.

Love her quote, “ Feeling great, who doesn’t like more muscle and less inches?”


“You will not succeed if you don’t commit, you also need to find the right person who is committed to you as well, which Leanne 100 percent is. Commitment and honesty need to come from both places for one to have success without that I wouldn’t have been able to help myself through my ups and downs or roller coaster weeks.

Leanne listens and helps you through those days/weeks when things just aren’t going the direction you are wanting, she gives you encouragement, tips, ideas even on your good days and weeks, however you need to let her know what’s happening for success to happen an open line needs to happen. Remember to set goals. It’s not about winning the race it’s about completing it.
There will be obstacles, good days, and bad days, but don’t let the bad days/weeks take over the race because it’s about completing it at your own pace that will make you succeed. Don’t give up!!”


16 weeks of perseverance culminated in this IRON elle bringing a strong package to the stage for her competition debut as a Novice athlete at the Saskatchewan Regional Classic in 2019 bringing home 2nd place in the Novice category!

"Consistency is key. Eat clean, drink your water, train hard, and trust your coach. Can't thank Leanne enough for helping me crush this goal!"


the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal


the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility

My goal is to help you achieve optimal wellness through a partnered accountability approach.

-Coach Leanne ♥️

Stay accountable! You owe it to yourself. ♥️

Get started TODAY on YOUR health journey

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