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TEAM IRON elles offers a multitude of programs and services, customized to meet your unique health and fitness needs. Reach out today to schedule your consultation.


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Why hire a personal trainer?

1. Reduce your risk of injury
2. Guidance and motivation
3. Accountability
4. Learn new skills
5. Improve confidence
6. Set the stage for a healthier future
7. Troubleshoot training hurdles
8. Challenge you to achieve more
9. Improved mental health
10. Education

TEAM IRON elles programs are custom designed to help you achieve your goals. Leveraging Leanne's extensive experience in both fitness and nutrition will help you move efficiently and safely toward your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The first session will focus on physical assessment and your nutrition. Subsequent sessions will focus on an exercise routine that facilitates progression toward your goals.

In-person and online sessions are 50 minutes in length. You are expected to warm up in advance of your session start time.

Yes, you can definitely train with TEAM IRON elles even if you are not from the local area.
Services include: online training sessions and our Wellness Accountability Program.

Yes. At the first session any pre-existing injuries should be discussed with the Leanne so she can modify an exercise routine to best address any issues. If the injury or condition is something that would jeopardize the safety of the client while exercising, a medical clearance will be requested from the client’s physician.

Yes. Shared/partner sessions are available for clients who share similar goals and have similar fitness levels. And, if you want to train with your spouse or teenage child, we can do that too!

Send me a message on the website, or through social media. I can't wait to hear from you!

BIG shout out to coach!

If it wasn’t for her <Leanne's> check-ins and checking to see how I’m doing I would not have made it to the gym tonight, it’s been a tough couple week(s), but she never gave up on me!! I’m proud to be a part of your team!! No matter how much it sucks, get up and get it done! I feel so much better than I did!

Awesome coach from a distance.

I am seeing results; my clothing are melting off me and I am growing muscles that I did not know could grow!

Thanks to Leanne for helping me reshape my body and fitness goals.

I don’t know where I would be without my coach.

Training is both mentally and physically hard, however, with the proper training, direction, education, skills, and most of all coaching, you will make it all the way.

You care about my overall wellbeing-physical and emotional. 

You are the definition of a health coach, not just superficial.

The nutrition plan is easy to follow and workout plans are tailored to your needs.

The accountability great, so easy to navigate and shows the amount of dedication and work Leanne puts in to make this journey as informative as possible for everyone.  

I’ve seen exciting results using TIE workout plans, and one on one sessions are excellent. 

The meal plans are easy to follow and realistic. She works with you to understand your goals, and encourages you along the way. Very approachable and knowledgeable!!

I appreciate Leanne's knowledge and support. 

I would encourage anyone who is thinking of making healthy life choices to consider her. It is very helpful while working out at the gym to have support and be taught how to use equipment properly. It quickly becomes less intimidating when you know what you're doing!

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